Children's Books About Dogs

Jack & Rugby is an exciting book series about two real and very lovable dogs who embark on thrilling adventures.

Written for children, and loved by children and adults these books are filled with kind, fun and engaging stories that will capture young readers' imaginations.

Follow Jack and Rugby as they explore the world around them, meet new friends, and learn important life lessons along the way. Whether your child is a dog lover or just loves a good story about friendship, Jack & Rugby is likely to become a beloved addition to their bookshelf.

Best Friends Forever

Storys About Dogs

Hi, we're Cindy and Tory, two children's advocates living in the Monterey Bay Area. Jack and Rugby were our real dogs, and as they became best friends, so did we.

We never could have guessed that our books about the dogs would become an international sensation. But we're so happy to share Jack and Rugby with kids of all ages around the world!

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