Meet the Authors

Tory Beale, an artist and former child therapist, lives with her family in La Selva Beach, California. Cynthia Messer lives with her family in Soquel, California, and is an educator and child advocate. Their friendship began with the scheduling of puppy play dates, and, as their dogs became best friends, so did they.

These stories grew out of their delightful excursions and real adventures with Jack and Rugby.


These books are dedicated to our dear dogs, Jack and Rugby, who brightened our lives immeasurably, and whose friendship with each other was a marvel to behold. In January, 2011, Jack and Rugby passed away, both at the age of 13, and remarkably, within 10 days of each other. May their sweet and joyous spirits live on, and by reading the stories of these lifelong pals, Jack and Rugby, may children learn the true meaning of friendship.